Welcome to Deep Blue Bar and Grill

Welcome to Deep Blue Bar and Grill, the home of fresh seafood grills.

Back in year 2000, we were just a small bar and grill renting in a flat with a contemporary garage door in Tempe. Because of our hardwork and the passion we exhibit in creating our food, we’ve become famous and the talk of the town. From there, we’ve decided to move in a not so far location from our original restaurant. Now, we are located at a much more spacious location and with a nice view to give our customers better services. We are proud to say that Deep Blue Bar and Grill is going to open their second restaurant soon, so people near that place may enjoy our services.

We all know that various types of seafood are prepared all over the world in different ways and is being eaten for the past thousands of years. Sea animals are healthy food, rich in nutrients and a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

If you are looking for one of the best seafood bar and grill in Arizona, Deep Blue Bar and Grill is serving creative, fresh seafood entrees including a raw bar. Deep Blue Bar and Grill is a modern American seafood house, known for serving healthy fresh delectable seafood dishes in a casual and comfortable ambiance.

Try one of our signature dishes. It’s all guaranteed delicious and set at a reasonable price. Slide up to our beautiful wood bar and catch all those major sports events on our 3 flat screen TVs or talk story with the locals. And because we wanted to give you a more comfortable atmosphere, we have a wide array of cocktails and wines to choose from.

We also offer catering on your special occasions like weddings, birthdays, events, etc. Book yours now through our website or much better, if you can talk to us personally. Be unique with the food you serve in your events and you should try our seafoods because it’s perfect for private and semi-private parties.

Deep Blue Bar and Grill is your restaurant party place across the cities of Arizona that accommodates more than 300 guests in regular seating arrangements. In addition to this, we also offer catering services, food trends and prompt customer service.

Our menu prices may vary due to seasonality in fish availability.

Our staff is knowledgeable in their skills

Deep Blue Bar and Grill chef are highly trained and passionate in cooking. This is exemplified by no other than the owners like the owner chef Julie Ross and her co-owners. The crews are very friendly and hardworking with full smile while serving. Unlike any other seafood grill here in town, ours is better because our menu changes regularly with more seafood options. Also, you can enjoy performances of some of the greatest bands here in Arizona. You can watch them every Friday and Saturday night.

Join us for a delicious culinary experience at one of Arizona’s best seafood bar and grill that you won’t forget.

(Note: We do not offer red and white meat, Deep Blue Bar and Grill is focused on serving fresh seafood).