A Little Bit About Deep Blue

In an effort to revitalize Wilmington’s restaurant scene, Chef Dan Butler opened Deep Blue in September of 1998. Dan had enjoyed previous success since opening Toscana Kitchen + Bar in Trolley Square in 1991. Dan is a Wilmington native and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. His experience includes some of the best restaurants and hotels in Miami, Tampa, and Washington DC, where he worked at the Watergate Pastry Shop as a wedding cake specialist.

“Deep Blue is a seafood restaurant with a very happening bar, and located in the downtown area of Wilmington. People say that this town closes at 5 o’clock, but we have proved them wrong.”


Private Researvation

A perfect location to host every kind of occasion from weddings to office parties. You can reserve the lounge/bar area, the private room or the entire restaurant!

The Private Dining Room

• private parties for up to 40
• business meetings
• formal presentations
• rehearsal dinners
• retirement parties
• wine tastings

The Cool Lounge

• happy hours
• charity events
• corporate gatherings
• informal meetings
• live music
• networking functions

For the Show

• prix fixe theater menu
• on time service
• champagne & dessert after
• reservations available



Address: 111 West 11th Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: 302.777.2040


Office Catering

Now Deep Blue can bring Wilmington’s best food to your desk, office or boardroom.
Here are some  sample menus for ideas or quick orders:


Deep Blue Specialty Cocktail Menu

Blood Orange Cosmo 10
Vodka, blood orange liqueur, lime juice, splash pomegranate juice

Sassolito Gimlet 10
Ruby Red Absolut, fresh grapefruit juice, St. Germain, lime peel garnish

Black Velvet Bramble 9
Rye bourbon, crème de cassis, muddled blackberry & black pepper, dash mole bitters

Margarita en Fuego 10
Tequila, pineapple juice, mango purée, habanero bitters, liqueur 43, fresh lime juice

Thymes Up 11
Thyme infused vodka, Limoncello, pamplemousse grapefruit liqueur, lemon juice, Prosecco

Hibiscus & Hellfire 10
Hum botanical liqueur, bourbon, simple syrup, ginger beer, muddled mint and habañero bitters

Afternoon Delight 9
Gin, Aperol, fresh grapefruit juice, muddled mint & cucumber

Bloody Good Pimm’s Cup 10
Bourbon, Pimm’s liqueur, lemon juice, honey syrup, orange bitters, splash ginger beer


Deep Blue Daily Specials

Oyster Thursday

½ priced oysters from 4-7pm

Deep Blue $5 Happy Hour (5 P – 7 P , M O N – F R I)

A P P E T I Z E R S $5

Damn Right Wings
Chili Dusted & Tossed in Truffle Parmesan Dressing

Corn Meal Crunchy Calamari
Black Garlic Chipotle Remoulade

Old Bay Yukon Gold Poutine
Demi Glace, Cheddar Sauce

Crab Nachos
Cheddar, Lump Crab Meat, Pico de Gallo

D R I N K S P E C I A L S $5

Apple Pie Martini
Bacardi rum, apple cider, apple Jack, cinnamon sprinkle

Grapefruit Crush
Absolut Ruby Red vodka, grapefruit juice, club soda

Ginger Sidecar
Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, splash ginger, simple syrup

Blood Orange Manhattan
Whiskey, blood orange bitters, sweet vermouth

SELECT W I N E B Y T H E G L A S S $5 Each

Changes daily

S E L E C T D R A U G H T B E E R $3 per Pint

Changes daily


Deep Blue Raw Bar Menu

Oysters On The Half-Shell

Served with Cucumber Mignonette, Cocktail Sauce and Lemon Wedge

Malpeque-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; nice salt with a clean finish 2.25 ea.
Salutation-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; slightly salty with a crisp finish 2.25 ea.
Blue Point-Long Island ~ medium-large; mineral qualities with a mild, briny finish 2.25 ea.
Beau Soleil-Nova Scotia ~ medium; juicy, firm and briny 2.25 ea.
Cherry Stone Creek, Virginia~ Little Neck Clams- tender and sweet 1.25 ea.

Limited with Japanese masago and wasabi tobikko $1.50 per piece
Chef recommends with American paddlefish caviar $5 per piece

Deep Blue Shrimp Cocktail

Steamed Texas shrimp with cocktail sauce, lemon and crisp won-tons
$3.00 per piece

Deep Blue Raw Bar Samplers

“The Deep Blue” $37 (Recommended for two or more)
Eight oysters on the half-shell, four little neck clams, hajiki salad, four
shrimp cocktail, wontons and Japanese tobikko

“Grand Sampler” $75 (Recommended for four or more)
Twelve oysters on the half-shell, eight little neck clams, tuna tartare, hajiki salad, a sampling of American paddlefish caviar and Japanese tobikkos, eight chilled shrimp cocktail and crispy won-tons; served with cucumber mignonette, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges

Deep Blue Oyster Library*

¨ Alpine-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; starts briny and finishes clean 1.75 ea.

¨ Bald Point-Washington ~ small; somewhat fruity and sweet with a mild aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Baron Point-Washington ~ medium; watermelon aroma with a sweet finish 2.25 ea.

Beau Soleil-Nova Scotia ~ medium; juicy, firm and briny 1.75 ea.

¨ Belon-Nova Scotia ~ large; full flavored with a pronounced steely finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Blue Point-Long Island ~ medium-large; mineral qualities with a mild, briny finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Bourne Point-Massachusetts ~ medium; clean and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Bras D’or-Nova Scotia ~ medium; sweet with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Bristol-Maine ~ small-medium; plump with a full flavor and a salty finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Buckley Bay-British Columbia ~ medium-large; meaty with a lemony finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Buzzard Bay-Massachusetts ~ medium-large; salty with a steely finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Calm Cove-Washington ~ medium; slightly sweet with mild cucumber aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Canadian Cup-New Brunswick ~ small-medium; high salt with a mild, clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Cape Ann-Nova Scotia ~ medium; salty with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Cape Breton-Nova Scotia ~ medium; clean and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Caraquet-New Brunswick ~ small; high salt with a mild, clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Chedabucto-Nova Scotia ~ small; sweet, plump and juicy 1.75 ea.

¨ Chef’s Creek-British Columbia ~ medium; one of the Chef’s favorites-sweet with melon flavor 2.25 ea

¨ Chesapeake Bay-Maryland ~ small; mild and sweet flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Conway-Prince Edward Island ~ small-medium; mild salinity with a clean, sweet finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Cook’s Cove-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; fleshy with a steely finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Cortez Island-British Columbia ~ medium; salty and sweet with a fruity aftertaste 2.00 ea

¨ Cotuit-Massachusetts ~ medium-large; plump body and salty flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Crystal Bay-British Columbia ~ small; starts salty with a sweet melon aftertaste 2.00 ea

¨ Dabob-Washington ~ medium; distinctly fruity with a coppery aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Deep Bay-British Columbia ~ small; briny with a clean finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Deer Creek-Washington ~ small; fresh, crisp taste with a briny finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Denman Island-British Columbia ~ medium; sweet with a mild watermelon aftertaste 2.00 ea

¨ Dennisport Whitecaps-Massachusetts ~ medium; somewhat briny but also clean and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Desolation Sound-British Columbia ~ medium; starts salty, melon aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Discovery Bay-British Columbia ~ medium; meaty with a characteristic creamy finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Duck Island-Long Island ~ small; mild with good salt taste and a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Dungeness Bay-Washington ~ medium; clean, sweet bite with little aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Duxbury-Massachusetts ~ small-medium; classic Duxbury butter and brine taste 1.75 ea.

¨ Eagle Rock-Washington ~ small; mildly salty and sweet 2.25 ea.

¨ Effingham-British Columbia ~ medium; mild oyster with slightly fruity taste 2.00 ea.

¨ El Cardon-Mexico ~ small; a plump and salty oyster new to Deep Blue 2.00 ea.

¨ Eld Inlet-Washington ~ medium; salty with a creamy texture 2.00 ea

¨ Elfin Cove-Alaska ~ small; rich and creamy 2.25 ea.

¨ Elkhorn-Washington ~ small-medium; crisp, briny with a clean, melon-like finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Emerald Cove-British Columbia ~ medium; salty with a creamy, rich finish 2.25 ea.

¨ Evening Cove-British Columbia ~ small; clean, smooth taste with a fresh, briny finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Fanny Bay-British Columbia ~ small-medium; a strong, clean flavor 2.00 ea

¨ Fischer Island-Rhode Island ~ medium-large; clean, sweet bite with little aftertaste 1.75 ea.

¨ Fishers Island-New York ~ medium; sweet meat with excellent brine 1.75 ea.

¨ Flying Point-Maine ~ medium; meaty with a mild, delicate finish 1.75 ea

¨ Fox Island-Rhode Island ~ medium; full bodied and complex 1.75 ea.

¨ Garden Cove-British Columbia ~ medium; succulent meat and a fresh ocean salt taste 2.00 ea.

¨ Gigamoto-British Columbia ~ small; rich and creamy with a faint smoky finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Glidden Point-Maine ~ small; good salt and very flavorful 1.75 ea.

¨ Gold Creek-Washington ~ medium; crisp and briny 2.00 ea.

¨ Golden Mantle-British Columbia ~ medium; a rich, creamy, deep-cupped oyster 2.25 ea.

¨ Gorge Inlet-British Columbia ~ medium; plump and salty, a slightly fruity aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Goose Point-Washington ~ medium; mild with a subtle, clean finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Hama Hama-Washington ~ small-medium; slightly salty with a fruity aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Hammersly Inlet-Washington ~ small-medium; meaty with a briny, cucumber taste 2.00 ea

¨ Hawkin’s Island-Alaska ~ medium; starts salty and finishes creamy 2.25 ea.

¨ Harwich-Massachusetts ~ medium; salty with a steely finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Hog Island-California ~ small; the richest of all West Coast oysters – a treat 2.00 ea.

¨ Hood Canal-Washington ~ medium; slightly sweet with mild cucumber aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Hurricane Harbor-Prince Edward Island ~ small; juicy with a sweet flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Imperial Eagle-British Columbia ~ medium; full-bodied and creamy 2.00 ea.

¨ Island Creek-Massachusetts ~ medium; good salt and crisp, mild flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Jorstead Creek-Washington ~ medium; sweet and salty 2.00 ea.

¨ Kumamoto-Oregon ~ extra-small; finishes mild and sweet 2.00 ea.

¨ La St. Simon-Nova Scotia ~ small-medium; meaty with a distinctive salty flavor 2.00 ea.

¨ Malagash-Nova Scotia ~ small; good salt taste with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Malaspina Inlet-British Columbia ~ medium; very salty, rich and creamy 2.00 ea.

¨ Malpeque-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; nice salt with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Maple Point-British Columbia ~ small; sweet with a cucumber-clean finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Marin-Washington ~ small-medium; full, complex flavor with a fruity finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Marionport-Massachusetts ~ large; salty with a sweet seaweed finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Martha’s Vineyard-Massachusetts ~ medium; salty with a mild, minerally finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Mill Point -Prince Edward Island ~ small; sweet, plump and juicy 1.75 ea.

¨ Moonstone-Rhode Island ~ medium-large; rich and briny – A Deep Blue favorite 2.25 ea.

¨ Nasketucket Bay-Massachusetts ~ small; plump, salty and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Netart Bay-Oregon ~ medium; salty and sweet with cucumber overtones 2.00 ea.

¨ Ninigret-Rhode Island ~ small; plump, sweet with a buttery flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Nootka Sound-British Columbia ~ medium; salty, plump and rich 2.00 ea.

¨ Northumberland-Prince Edward Island ~ large; clean and crisp with a mildly fruity finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Olympia-Washington ~ small-medium; superb balance, excellent for beginners 2.00 ea.

¨ Onset-Massachusetts ~ small-medium; sharp beginning with a mild briny finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Otter Cove-Washington ~ medium; mild, briny flavor with a sweet, melony finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Oyster Pond-Long Island ~ small; very plump and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Oysterville-Washington ~ medium; rich, complex, unique flavor 2.00 ea.

¨ Pacific Orchard-British Columbia ~ medium; slightly salty with a delicate watermelon finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Paradise Cove-British Columbia ~ small; briny but with a fruity finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Paradise Island-British Columbia ~ small; fruity with a briny finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Pearl Bay-British Columbia ~ medium; sweet and mild with very little aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Pearl Point-Oregon ~ small-medium; good salt with a melon-like finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Pemaquid-Maine ~ small; quite salty and a full flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Penrose Island-British Columbia ~ medium; bold with a strong ocean flavor 2.00 ea.

¨ Phantom Creek-British Columbia ~ small; mild with a clean finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Pickering Pass-Washington ~ medium; well-balanced with cream and salt 2.00 ea.

¨ Pickle Point-Prince Edward Island ~ small; exceptionally sweet with a lemony aftertaste 1.75 ea.

¨ Piper Point-Prince Edward Island ~ small-medium; good salt with a sweet, crisp finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Pleasant Bay-Massachusetts ~ medium; clean and crisp with a briny finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Quilcene-Washington ~ medium; briny with hints of cucumber 2.00 ea.

¨ Rappahannock-Virginia ~ medium; mild and sweet Southern oysters 1.75 ea.

¨ Raspberry Point-Prince Edward Island ~ small; exceptionally sweet and plump 1.75 ea.

¨ Red Point-Prince Edward Island ~ small; mildly sweet with a licorice finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Rome Point-Rhode Island ~ medium-large; plump, smooth meat with a mild, salty flavor 1.75ea.

¨ Royal Miyagi-British Columbia ~ small; full salt flavor with hints of melon 2.00 ea.

¨ Sabavi-Washington ~ medium; very salty at first but has a sweet, watermelon finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Saddlerock-Long Island Sound ~ medium; creamy and mildly briny 1.75 ea.

¨ Salt Aire-Prince Edward Island ~ small; sweet, plump and juicy-the “oyster virgin’s” favorite 1.75 ea.

¨ Salutation-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; slightly salty with a crisp finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Salute-Nova Scotia ~ small; plump and briny with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Salvation Cove-Prince Edward Island ~ small; high salinity with a crisp, clean finish 1.75ea.

¨ Ship’s Point-British Columbia ~ small; somewhat briny but finishes mild 2.00 ea.

¨ Sister Point -Washington ~ small; delicate flavor with slight cucumber tones 2.00 ea.

¨ Skookum Inlet-Washington ~ medium; clean ocean taste with a mild finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Snow Creek-Washington ~ medium; plump meat with a sweet, clean flavor 2.00 ea.

¨ St. Ann’s Cove-Nova Scotia ~ small; starts briny but finishes mild 1.75 ea.

¨ Steamboat-Washington ~ small-medium; sea flavor with a vegetable finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Stellar Bay-British Columbia ~ medium; salty with a melon-like aftertaste 2.00 ea

¨ Sting Ray Bay-Virginia ~ medium; salty with a clean, crisp finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Summerside-Prince Edward Island ~ medium; moderate salinity with a sweet, clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Sun Hollow-Washington ~ medium; slightly briny but with a sweet finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Sunberry Point-Prince Edward Island ~ small; sweet, lettuce-like flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Sunset Beach-Washington ~ medium; sweet, creamy and rich 2.00 ea.

¨ Target Rock-Long Island Sound ~ medium; plump, smooth and briny 1.75 ea.

¨ Tatamagouche-Nova Scotia ~ medium-large; salty and sweet 1.75 ea.

¨ Taunton Point-Maine ~ small-medium; an extra salty bite with a mild copper finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Thatch Island-Massachusetts ~ medium-large; salty with a slightly sweet and clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Totten Inlet-Washington ~ medium; not too salty; finishes clean 2.25 ea.

¨ Wallace Bay-Nova Scotia ~ medium; strong salt taste with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Wampahannock-Connecticut ~ small; good but not overwhelming salt flavor 1.75 ea.

¨ Watch Hill-Rhode Island ~ medium; good salt flavor with a clean finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Wellfleet-Massachusetts ~ small-medium; moderately salty-typically East Coast 1.75 ea.

¨ Wianno-Nantucket ~ medium; sweet and briny 1.75 ea.

¨ Wiley Point-Maine ~ small-medium; good salt with a clean, smooth finish 1.75 ea.

¨ Willapa Bay-Washington ~ medium; clean and sweet with no aftertaste 2.00 ea.

¨ Windy Cove-Washington ~ small; briny with a clean finish 2.00 ea.

¨ Windy Point-Washington ~ medium; good brine with a fruity flavor 2.00 ea.

¨ Yaquina Bay-Oregon ~ medium; creamy and very mild 2.00 ea.

¨ York River-Virginia ~ medium; sweet taste with a briny finish 1.75 ea.


Wine List: By The Glass


Prosecco, Montello e Colli Assolani
Bele Casel NV Veneto, Italy 9.50
A refreshing starter for any meal. Crisp and dry with citrus flower aromas.


Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau La Grande Metairie
2011 Entre-deux-mers, France 8.00
Fresh, floral, and lively with lovely aromatics and a crisp finish

Pinot Grigio, Lagaria
2012 Veneto, Italy 7.00
Medium-bodied with a refreshing light fruit character

Chardonnay, Paul Hobbs Crossbarn
2012 Sonoma Coast, California 12.00
Racy and nicely concentrated. Fragrant with white flowers, pear and citrus.

Chardonnay, Domaine des Herbauges
2012 Loire, France 8.50
Unoaked Chardonnay that is beautifully balanced and dry with exotic fruit flavors

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Chateau Les Fromenteaux
2011 Loire, France 7.50
Light to medium-bodied and very dry, a great oyster wine with high acidity

Riesling, Dr Loosen Brothers
2012 Mosel, Germany 8.00
Refreshingly crisp with ripe apricot and peach flavors and a clean finish


Malbec, Tinto Negro
2011 Mendoza, Argentina 8.00
Rich and ripe with flavors of black cherry, plum and great acidity.

GMS, Schild Estate
2011 Barossa, Australia 9.00 An Australian “Chateauneuf-du-Pape”. Delicious blend of old vine Grenache, jammy Mourvedre, and peppery Shiraz.

Pinot Noir, Owen Roe “Sharecropper’s”
2011 Willamette Valley, Oregon 12.00
Showcases the bright floral and red berry fruit flavors predominant in this region.

Pinot Noir, Grayson Cellars
2012 Central Coast, California 8.50
Bright fruit with a hint of leather on the palate bound by a touch of oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Gundlach Bundschu “Mountain Cuvee”
2010 Sonoma 11.00
Loaded with lush black plum, fresh tobacco, and cocoa. A rich mouthfeel & soft tannins.



Trio of Crème Brûlėe $9
Traditional French custard, Grand Marnier, coffee caramel

Apple & Candied Walnut Cobbler à la Mode 8
Served warm and topped with vanilla gelato

Flourless Chocolate Torte 8
Sour cherry butter cream, candid almond bark

Lemon Curd & Macerated Berries 8
Pistachio short bread cookies layered with curd and berries

White Chocolate Beignet 9
Flash fried dough, vanilla gelato, orange caramel sauce

Mixed Berries 7
Fresh fruit with sweetened whipped cream

Deep Blue Sorbet or Gelato 6
Selection of premium flavors

Dessert Cocktails

Godiva Chocolate Martini $9
Espresso Martini $8
Framboise Lambic Ale $8

Ports & Sherries

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage 2007 6
Hildago Manzanilla La Gitana Dry Sherry 6
Lustau East India Oloroso Cream Sherry 7
Dow’s 10-year old Tawny 8
Graham’s 20-year old Tawny 11
Dow 30-year old Tawny 16
Taylor-Fladgate 2011 Vintage Port 17

Dessert Wines Glass / Bottle

Botrytis Semillon, Peter Lehman Barossa Valley 9/glass – 38/bottle
Vin Santo, Isole e Olena 2000 Toscana (375ml) 75/bottle
Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec NV Champagne (375ml) 58/bottle


Cerbois Armagnac VSOP 9
Remy Martin VSOP 10
Gilles Brisson XO Grande Champagne 16
Daron Calvados XO Pays D’Auge 16

Scotch Whisky

Glenmorangie 10 yr, Highland $10

Glenlivet 12 yr, Highland 11

Glenfiddich 12 yr, Highland 11

The Macallan 12yr, Speyside 14

Highland Park 12 yr, Orkney Islands 13

Oban 14 yr, West Highlands 15

Glenfiddich 15 yr, Highland 15

Lagavulin 16 yr, Islay 17

Balvenie Single Barrel 15yr, Speyside 19

Lagavulin Double Matured 16yr Distillers Edition, Islay 22

The Macallan 18yr, Speyside 32

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 38

Bourbon Whiskey

Knob Creek 9 Yr. 8

\Woodford Reserve 9

Basil Hayden’s 8 yr. 10

Booker’s 7 yr. 12

Blanton’s 11


Irish Whiskey

John Jameson 8

Bushmills 8

Tullamore Dew 7

Red Breast 12yr 11




Duck Strudel 13
Boursin cheese, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, fig-balsamic syrup

Baked Goat Cheese 10
Toasted pine nuts, balsamic reduction, basil and grilled baguette

Steamed Mussels 10
Scallion, garlic and white wine, toasted baguette

Crispy Brussels Sprouts 8
Fried onions, bacon and mustard sauce

Fried Calamari 11
Miso chili sauce

Chili Lime Tuna Tartare 13
Ginger crème fraîche, mirin soaked cucumbers, crispy wontons

Cheese Plate 12
Trio of cheeses, candied walnuts, golden raisins, balsamic reductions

Charcuterie 15
Dried and cured meats, whole grain mustard, toasted baguette, olives and cornichones

S O U P & S A L A D S

New England Clam Chowder 8
Drizzled with olive oil and chives

Arugula and Red Quinoa 9
Asparagus, sliced shallots, roasted plum tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette

Romaine Salad 7
Parmesan garlic dressing, Rosemary croutons

House salad 7
Mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, balsamic vinaigrette

Spinach and Beet Salad 9
Feta, shaved red onion, crushed pistachio, lemon-honey vinaigrette


Crab Cakes 28
Herbed tomato cous cous, garlic green beans, tarragon remoulade

Potato-vegetable Pave 19
Eggplant, squash, roasted pepper, Yukon gold potatoes layered with almond cream. Crispy onion-arugula salad, tomato couli

Deep Blue Tuna 28
Dredged in Chinese 5 spice and grilled, served over wasabi mashed with ginger & garlic stir fried vegetables

Shrimp Scampi 22
Roasted garlic pappardelle, oven dried tomatoes, spinach, scampi sauce.

Pan seared Baramundi 26
Duck fat poached potatoes, grilled eggplant, roasted cherry tomatoes, orange saffron emulsion

Frenched Chicken Breast 20
Parmesan-rosemary risotto, arugula and asparagus salad, au jus

Grilled Salmon 27
Red beet and goat cheese risotto, roasted fennel, lemon-dill sauce

Pan Seared Diver Scallops 28
Red quinoa, roasted cauliflower, scallion puree’

(All grill items come with butter-whipped potatoes and demiglace)

8 oz Filet Mignon 29

14 oz NY Strip Loin 32

Add to any order:
Diver Scallops (2) 11
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat 12
Crab Cake 11


Roasted Cauliflower 7
Sauteed Spinach 7
Grilled Asparagus 7
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes 6
Parmesan-rosemary Risotto 8
Haricot Vert 6