About Us

About Us


Know about the story of Deep Blue Bar and Grill

When Chef Julie Ross and some of her colleagues started up the Deep Blue Bar and Grill back in 2000 in Arizona, everyday there were lines out the door. The people really love their food and the services are pretty amazing. In a few short months, their unexpected success had them looking for a permanent kitchen space. To accommodate the eager diners waiting for a table, the Deep Blue Bar and Grill decided to move to a bigger place to serve the overflowing crowds.

The owners believed that they should provide the good atmosphere where visitors could interact with them and talk with locals so they would feel at home. They give their best to connect with visitors every time tourists or newbies visit the Deep Blue Bar and Grill.

Their menu was created by the owners. It was a huge hit and chef Julie and her colleagues are very busy to run their business. Every day, people come and go to visit the place and to experience the culinary food and other exciting services offered. The owners are overwhelmed in the situation that their restaurant are given so much love by the loyals and local diners.

Soon the Deep Blue Bar and Grill will open their second restaurant, as the loyal customers wished for it, for the others that are pretty far from the original restaurant. The environment, food, drinks and services will be the same, if not better than the original. Other colleagues of Chef Julie will manage the restaurant to run it smoothly like they did on the first one.

Deep Blue Bar and Grill is all about great food with locally sourced ingredients and vegetarian-friendly. Moreover, it is about creating good memories and the casual lifestyle that the owners enjoy everyday.

Thank you and please visit Deep Blue Bar and Grill, the home of fresh seafood grills.

Contact Us

For more information, kindly send us your emails at info@deepbluebarandgrill.com. We will gladly give all the information you want to know. For the improvement of our services and our dishes, we would love to hear from you. Let us know about your concerns and feedback, please do not hesitate to send us your message at feedback@deepbluebarandgrill.com. Please know that we will always strive to respond to all your emails. We might take long to respond but we will make sure to get back to you.